A Straw Poll on the Automaker Bailout

More anecdotal evidence that the public is not behind a Federal rescue for the Big Three:

I had the opportunity to speak yesterday with about 50 students at Bentley University.  This was a very bright bunch with great, thoughtful questions – all of them were in an honors recognition organization.  I asked for a show of hands on supporting the bailout —  only one student voted in favor, the rest were against. 

There was good news and bad news.  The good news was that the bailout culture and its attendant moral hazards had not tainted this group of future business leaders.  The bad news was, when speaking of my start in the industry, I asked if they had ever heard of E.F. Hutton — not one student had heard of my once-famous business alma mater….  I’ve clearly joined the ranks of the industry dinosaurs!

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