Markets at Critical Juncture: Insight from Steve Nison

When there’s so much uncertainty about the economy, fundamental market analysis becomes something of a guessing game.   Often in these environments, the best thing to do is to “listen to the markets,” as the price action of stocks often reveals underlying truths — for those who know how to interpret them.  This is the art of technical analysis, and there are few practitioners of this art who do it as well as Steve Nison. 

Steve Nison has kindly agreed to “guest blog” on this site (via video), sharing his insight on what he terms a “critical” point in the market.  You may have seen Steve before from his frequent appearances on CNBC — he is one of the industry’s recognized experts in the field.  Steve’s particular expertise is in the centuries-old  Japanese traditions of charting, candlestick chart (it’s explained in his video).  He is credited with being the first to bring these analytical tools to the U.S. and is the author of three books on the subject.  His works have sold more than 100,000 copies and have been tranlated into 9 languages.  Steve is the President of where he provides advice to some of  world’s most prestigious investment management firms.  His client list includes Fidelity, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and market making firms on the New York Stock Exchange and on the Nasdaq.  More information on Steve and the opportunity to receice his free newsletter can be found here.  PLEASE CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW TO OPEN A WINDOWS ONTO STEVE’S GUEST BLOG (PRESS THE PLAY BUTTON WHEN HIS VIDEO APPEARS):

Click on picture, new window will open, then press play

Click on picture, new window will open, then press play

Disclosure:  Steve Nison’s opinions are his own and do not reflect the opinion of VC&C Capital Advisers LLC.  This is for information only and is not intended as investment advice.

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